Love Poems For The One You Love

Stairway To Heaven

Love Poems For The One You LoveFollowing on from "Cuddle Time", here's another sampler from
"Love Poems For The One You Love".

"Stairway To Heaven" is another of the 100 poems in this original and lovingly-crafted collection of romantic poetry for lovers everywhere:

Since I left school, my life has been the pits
Time after time I have dated misfits
And girls who only ever dragged me down
In fact some of them really went to town
Removing what little self-worth I felt
What a rotten hand of cards I'd been dealt
And then, unexpectedly, I met you
Yes, it was a surprise, out of the blue
To think you even noticed me at all
Oh what a difference, as I walked tall
Head held high with self-confidence regained
Everything seemed like it was preordained
As you and I fell in love at first sight
Vanquished and gone was my previous plight
Escaped at last from my personal Hell
Now, with you, I've entered Heaven's stairwell

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