Love Poems For The One You Love - Short Poems That Are Long On Romance

100 Romantic Poems For That Special Lady In Your Life

Love Poems For The One You Love"Love Poems For The One You Love" is a unique collection of 100 original and fresh short love poems.

Now, you may think that love poetry is outdated and a bit cissy, but we have to say you'd be wrong - it is a really great way to tell the person you love just how much you care for them, how they make you feel, and so much more.

For us, it all began when we first met online and wanted a way to help strengthen the bond as our long-distance love affair developed, so a love poem soon became a vital component of our daily communication. And it worked so well that several years later, having celebrated our fifth anniversary, romantic poems are still a daily feature of our lives.

Poetry can address both the obvious topics such as love and romance, as well as many of they day-to-day issues that couples today face, and the poems in Love Poems For The One You Love cover all of these.

So, whether you just enjoy reading love poetry, because of how it makes you feel, or whether you're a man looking for an unusual but thoughtful present for his special lady, this book is sure to please - and remember, a gift filled with love is always appreciated, not just for Valentine's Day or her birthday, but at any time of year.

And you'll be glad to know that we appreciate how little time many people have these days, so what you won't find in Love Poems For The One You Love are a load of time-guzzling marathon-length love poems - short is the key here, with each poem being from just 8 to 18 lines long.


"The book takes readers on a journey through the stages of a relationship as seen through the eyes of a man in love, from the first blush of bashful attraction to marriage and the excitement of first discovery. The initial chaotic emotions of a relationship can't be sustained, but true love mellows and ages gracefully, and the poems reflect that."

Cathy, Michigan


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Listen To A Prize-Winning Poem From This Collection

"Cuddle Time", one of the poems in this unique collection of original contemporary love poetry, was a prize-winning poem in a recent Valentine's Day competition.

Click the Play button, below, to hear this beautiful poem being read by Wendi Friesen:


"Men, this book is not for the faint-hearted, it is for REAL MEN who love the woman they are with. The poetry within here actually will boost your confidence and at the same time improve your lady's feeling of closeness and oneness with you. Stairway to Heaven is one such example that tells her exactly what she means to you in a way that a WOMAN relates to."



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Read Stairway To Heaven

"Stairway To Heaven" is another of the 100 short romantic poems in this original and lovingly-crafted collection of romantic poetry for lovers everywhere:

Since I left school, my life has been the pits
Time after time I have dated misfits
And girls who only ever dragged me down
In fact some of them really went to town
Removing what little self-worth I felt
What a rotten hand of cards I'd been dealt
And then, unexpectedly, I met you
Yes, it was a surprise, out of the blue
To think you even noticed me at all
Oh what a difference, as I walked tall
Head held high with self-confidence regained
Everything seemed like it was preordained
As you and I fell in love at first sight
Vanquished and gone was my previous plight
Escaped at last from my personal Hell
Now, with you, I've entered Heaven's stairwell


"My boyfriend gifted this to me and it was easily the best birthday present I received this year!

I've shown it to a couple of my friends and they're all ogling over it, so I can say with confidence that any lady will love Love Poems For The One You Love."



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Tantalising Titles To Stir Your Imagination...

We'll leave it to your imagination as to what, exactly, each of these original love poems is about...

A Night Of Loving
Autumnal Hues
Bikini Line
Bird Of Paradise
Black Dress
Bodice Ripper
Breakfast In Bed
Bridal Gown
By Your Side
Country Cottage
Cuddle Time
Dinner Date
Disco Belle
Do You Believe?
Double D Cup
Ends Of The Earth
Get Into Your Pants
Grocery Store
Handcuff Me
Happy Valentine's Day (Humans)
Happy Valentine's Day (Pets)
Hearts Entwined
Honey Bunch
Honey Sweet
I Want You
Kinky Sex
Knight In Armour
Lady Luck
Legs Spread
Let's Get Wet
Liaison By Night
Lightning Storm
Long Hair
Love Juices
Love Potion
Make Love To Me
Making Love
Natural Scent
Oracle Of Delphi
Picnic Time
Priceless Jewel
Primrose Hill
Romantic Cruise
Rose Petals
Sandy Beach
Sleigh Bell
Stairway To Heaven
Starry Nights
Summer Time
The Red Carpet
Three Times
Time For Bed
Tonight's The Night
To And Fro, To And Fro
Tuning Fork
Tunnel Of Love
Under The Moon
Unhook It
Uphill Struggle
Vestal Virgin
You Are The One

"I can usually go through a book like this in a couple of days but due to the sheer volume of poems in this compilation, it took me two weeks to finish it. I can gratefully say that this time was time well spent because not a single poem included in this book failed to tug at my heart strings."

D. Lafferty


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Furever In Love - A Short Story Told In Verse

In addition to the 85 poems about love listed above, "Love Poems For The One You Love" also includes a fun and romantic short story, told in verse, called "Furever In Love".

Furever In Love tells the story of two young people who meet and fall in love because of their love for dogs.

Here are the 15 titles in this special vignette:

At The Dog Park
First Words
Second Chance
Dinner For Two
Walking You Home
At The Front Door
Greeted By Gizmo
What Would You Like?
Dog Chaperone
Climactic End
Second Date
Phone Calls
Weekend BBQ
It's Grill Time
Love Marathon
Gizmo and Gizmo

"It would be hard not to find a poem that doesn't exactly describe how you feel about the one you love in its many pages."



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Bonus Poems

As well as the 100 poems in the main collection of "Love Poems For The One You Love" (i.e. the 85 main titles and the short story told in verse, "Furever In Love"), we are also including an additional 10 bonus poems (all of which are, like the other 100 poems, unique and original) for your further enjoyment:

Fast Lane
Fine Wine
Splash Of Colour

"Love Poems For The One You Love is a very different set of poems from many I found. The author does not just write words that sound good together - many poems are beautiful not really for what they say but how they say it. These poems work on both the nice-sounding level but far more importantly, on the MEANING level. He obviously loves his wife. That's all a woman really wants to know! And we want to know it over and over guys!"

Sandy Axelrod, Chicago, Illinois


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Ready For Another Poem From The Collection?

This one's called "Ends Of The Earth":

Everything I do, I do for you
Nothing too much work, nothing taboo
Darling I only want what is best
So please tell me what is your request
Off I'll go, without any delay
Foreign lands, however far away
To the ends of the earth, if you need
Hard to find items? I will succeed
Experiences not to be missed
Enjoy them you will, I do insist
All the luxuries that you deserve
Realised with both passion and verve
There's no-one more important to me
How I love you, signed, your devotee


"Great book of love poems for your lover. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to woo their mate."



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