National Poetry Month Savings

Love Poems For The One You Love (Volume 1)It’s National Poetry Month, so we’re offering you a chance to save a few dollars on the cost of this brand new collection of original love poetry (that’s right, this is not one of those anthologies of somebody else’s poetry from centuries ago – these are all hot off the press, never before published).

The eBook version of “Love Poems For The One You Love” usually costs $14.95, which is already great value – there are 110 poems in the book (which includes ten bonus poems we threw in), which works out to be less than 14 cents per poem.

However, if you use the following coupon code, you can get your copy of this romantic poetry collection for just $12.95: NPM2011

Let’s put this into perspective. If you bought a Starbucks coffee for you and your girlfriend for anywhere from two to four days (depending on how fancy you like your coffees – they run from $1.50 to $5.00 or more each), you’d already have spent more than this.

But with our collection of 110 love poems, you could read one to your lover every single day for over three months, for the same cost!

(If you’re wondering why you might want to do this, then please read our “Why Love Poems?” article.)

Our eBook edition is great if you intend reading the poems to your special lady (either in person, or maybe over the phone if you are in a long-distance love affair, as we once were – we spent up to 12 hours a day on Skype, for example!) to get her in the mood.

But if you want to give her the entire book as a special surprise gift for her to read at her leisure, then you should consider getting the paperback edition, which is also available on special offer right now.

So, what would you rather do – warm your lover’s stomach for just a few days with expensive coffee, or warm her heart every single day for more than three months with a truly romantic love poem?

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