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How To Be Attractive To Women

There are many ways for a man to appear attractive to the opposite sex. Though it may seem complex at first, rest assured that you are not the first person to attempt the sometimes difficult task of winning the heart of a woman.

There are well worn paths to walk that, when practiced with confidence, make the challenge of wooing a woman that much easier. Women become infatuated not just by your attitude and charm, but also base their decisions about a future husband on much more subtle features.

It is a matter of preference that most women choose their partner. It is not impossible, however, to win even the most stubborn heart.

One can start by dressing appropriately and grooming accordingly. It has been said that if you dress well, and smell nice, that someone will always like you. If you keep that in mind when shopping for clothes and buying cologne then you can not go wrong. It is a smart idea to stick to neutral patterns and colors and keep to classic styles. That way, you never have to follow fashion trends and will always look good. With cologne, remember that less is always more!

It behooves you to practice making introductions. Remember that people generally make and keep their first impressions within the first few seconds of meeting you. If you really want to make a lasting impression in a spontaneous encounter it is best to be positive, ask questions, and leave gracefully.

Nothing will keep a woman guessing and the allure of attraction going than a short, pleasant conversation and the offer to talk more if she would like to later. Once you have made your introduction it is important to let them do the talking. People like to talk about themselves, and if you are curious and an active listener it is even easier for them to do so.

It also helps to study up on a broad range of topics. It is important not to focus on one subject for too long a time and neglect others. A broad, general base of knowledge will make you a formidable discussion guru, and entice women to want to know more. What is better than a cunning conversationalist?

The ability to really let the conversation flow conveys confidence and intrigue. It will seem like you have a lot of life experience and are a source of both security and confidence.

Lastly, it’s important to remain interesting! Constantly trying new things, even if they are out of your comfort zone will both encourage others to get to know you and give you the courage to introduce yourself. Remember that no one will have success if he does not try at every available opportunity.

In general, it is best to approach women when they want to be approached. Certain times of the day like on the daily commute or in line do not lend themselves to amicable conversation and can make making a connection difficult. Choose your times wisely!

In summation, you should not be afraid of making a connection with a young woman in the hopes of winning her over. It’s important to remember that both men and women are sometimes shy, and taking the first step puts the burden of shyness on you instead of them.

It is instinctive to want to answer someone’s desire, and being a friendly and sociable man will enable a shy woman to do just that! Do not be afraid to experiment with what works best for you. You will never know until you try, and being attractive is not an exact science!

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Love Poems For The One You Love Volume 2

Love Poems For The One You Love Volume 2We are pleased to announce that “Love Poems For The One You Love Volume 2” is now available – just in time for Christmas!

Like Volume 1, all of these poems are unique, original and modern in style.

They’re also all short, so they’re both quick and easy to read.

Also like Volume 1, the book is split into three distinct sections.

The first section contains the main 80 poems.

The second section contains 20 poems that continue the short story, Furever In Love, that was begun in Volume 1 and that features a young couple who fall in love because of their dogs.

And finally, the third section contains 10 more bonus poems.

What is different about Volume 2 is that the poems are written through the eyes of a female, whereas Volume 1 was more from a male perspective.

Love Poems For The One You Love Volume 2” is available in three editions (i.e. just like Volume 1):

  • as a paperback, from Amazon (which is the best format if you want to give this to that special lady in your life as a romantic present, as you can have it gift-wrapped if you like)
  • as a PDF eBook, from our own site
  • as a Kindle book, from all Amazon Kindle stores.

Remember, Kindle books can be read on a PC and devices such as the Android, Blackberry, iPad and iPhone, as well as on Kindle readers, and PDF ebooks can also be read on a variety of devices, including PCs and iPhones.

Love Poems For The One You Love Volume 2” is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, fiancée or wife, or, of course, as a little treat for yourself if your man isn’t the romantic type.

To find out more or to purchase a copy (in any format), please visit “Love Poems For The One You Love Volume 2“.

A-Z Of Love

Short Love Poems: A-Z Of LoveWe are still working on Volume 2 of Love Poems For The One You Love (we hope to have it ready in time for Christmas), but in the meantime, we have just published the latest book in our A-Z series.

It’s called A-Z Of Love and it’s a collection of 26 short love poems – one for each letter of the alphabet.

Just like the poems in our main love poetry collection, they are all 100% fresh, original and modern.

Here is the full list of all 26 titles in this latest book:

  • A Is For Aphrodisiacs
  • B Is For Boyfriends
  • C Is For Cuddling
  • D Is For Devotion
  • E Is For Engagement
  • F Is For Florists
  • G Is For Girlfriend
  • H Is For Heartstrings
  • I Is For Illumination
  • J Is For Jealousy
  • K Is For Kissable
  • L Is For Lovemaking
  • M Is For Marriage
  • N Is For Nickname
  • O Is For Orgasmic
  • P Is For Perseverance
  • Q Is For Quarrels
  • R Is For Romantic
  • S Is For Sensuous
  • T Is For Temptation
  • U Is For Unequalled
  • V Is For Valentines
  • W Is For Weddings
  • X Is For X-Rated Film
  • Y Is For Youthful
  • Z Is For Zirconia

A-Z Of Love is currently available in both eBook and Kindle editions via R&M Publishing.

Finally, if you’d like to be notified, by email, when Love Poems For The One You Love (Volume 2) is available, please sign up for the R&M Publishing Newsletter.

National Poetry Month Savings

Love Poems For The One You Love (Volume 1)It’s National Poetry Month, so we’re offering you a chance to save a few dollars on the cost of this brand new collection of original love poetry (that’s right, this is not one of those anthologies of somebody else’s poetry from centuries ago – these are all hot off the press, never before published).

The eBook version of “Love Poems For The One You Love” usually costs $14.95, which is already great value – there are 110 poems in the book (which includes ten bonus poems we threw in), which works out to be less than 14 cents per poem.

However, if you use the following coupon code, you can get your copy of this romantic poetry collection for just $12.95: NPM2011

Let’s put this into perspective. If you bought a Starbucks coffee for you and your girlfriend for anywhere from two to four days (depending on how fancy you like your coffees – they run from $1.50 to $5.00 or more each), you’d already have spent more than this.

But with our collection of 110 love poems, you could read one to your lover every single day for over three months, for the same cost!

(If you’re wondering why you might want to do this, then please read our “Why Love Poems?” article.)

Our eBook edition is great if you intend reading the poems to your special lady (either in person, or maybe over the phone if you are in a long-distance love affair, as we once were – we spent up to 12 hours a day on Skype, for example!) to get her in the mood.

But if you want to give her the entire book as a special surprise gift for her to read at her leisure, then you should consider getting the paperback edition, which is also available on special offer right now.

So, what would you rather do – warm your lover’s stomach for just a few days with expensive coffee, or warm her heart every single day for more than three months with a truly romantic love poem?

Click For $3 Coupon Code

Love Poems For The One You Love (Volume 1)In order to celebrate National Poetry Month, and to encourage lovers everywhere to appreciate how love poetry can enhance relationships in all sorts of ways, we are offering a limited-time $3 discount.

If you buy your copy of “Love Poems For The One You Love” from Amazon.com, the regular price is $17.95

But for this month only, if you buy your copy from this secret page, and use the following coupon code, you can get the exact same paperback edition for just $14.95: 7X5YHBE6.

With a total of 110 poems in this book (including the ten bonus poems), that’s less than 14 cents per poem!

Go on, surprise your lover with a unique collection of fresh and original love poems – you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to do something romantic!