A-Z Of Love

Short Love Poems: A-Z Of LoveWe are still working on Volume 2 of Love Poems For The One You Love (we hope to have it ready in time for Christmas), but in the meantime, we have just published the latest book in our A-Z series.

It’s called A-Z Of Love and it’s a collection of 26 short love poems – one for each letter of the alphabet.

Just like the poems in our main love poetry collection, they are all 100% fresh, original and modern.

Here is the full list of all 26 titles in this latest book:

  • A Is For Aphrodisiacs
  • B Is For Boyfriends
  • C Is For Cuddling
  • D Is For Devotion
  • E Is For Engagement
  • F Is For Florists
  • G Is For Girlfriend
  • H Is For Heartstrings
  • I Is For Illumination
  • J Is For Jealousy
  • K Is For Kissable
  • L Is For Lovemaking
  • M Is For Marriage
  • N Is For Nickname
  • O Is For Orgasmic
  • P Is For Perseverance
  • Q Is For Quarrels
  • R Is For Romantic
  • S Is For Sensuous
  • T Is For Temptation
  • U Is For Unequalled
  • V Is For Valentines
  • W Is For Weddings
  • X Is For X-Rated Film
  • Y Is For Youthful
  • Z Is For Zirconia

A-Z Of Love is currently available in both eBook and Kindle editions via R&M Publishing.

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